Cookies Policy

Our website uses cookies for the purpose of the provided services. Cookies are small text files that your web browser stores. The contents of these files are exchanged between your browser and our servers, or with the servers of our partners. Some cookies are needed for the website to function properly, some are used to store your preferences settings, some are needed for advertising and statistical analysis. Here you can set which cookies we will be able to use. We strongly recommend that you enable all the types of cookies, if you want your experience on our website to be as pleasant as possible.

Necessary cookies

These are basic cookies that are necessary for the proper behavior of our website and all its functions. They are mainly used to identify your user account, to manage consent to the use of cookies and also to protect our website against cyber attacks. Your consent is not required for these cookies and it is not even possible to remove it.

Preferences cookies

These cookies allow the website to remember the choices you have made in the past, such as the language in which you want the site to be displayed. Without enabling these cookies, you will have to re-select certain preference settings each time you visit our website.

Analytics cookies

These cookies gather information about how you use our website, the number of visits, the source of visits and other parameters. The collected data are gathered in an aggregated form, which does not allow us to trace the data to a specific user, so everything is completely anonymized. For this purpose, we use third-party applications Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and their privacy policies can be read here. If you do not enable these cookies, we will not be able to analyze the performance of our website and optimize it for the easiest possible use.

Advertising cookies

These cookies track your online activity and help advertisers to provide more relevant ads or limit the number of times a given ad is shown to you. These information may be shared with other organizations or advertisers according to the Google Adsense's privacy policy we use for this purpose. If you do not enable these cookies, the ads will still be displayed to you, only they will not be relevant to you.

User-generated cookies

Users can embed content on our website in the form of images or videos, e.g. within forum posts or within descriptions. These images and videos linked from external sources may carry third party cookies with them. If you do not enable these cookies, you will only see text links to them instead of the actual images or videos.

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